Sunday, August 23, 2020

Jokers Standing

This article. posted in August of 2020, is outdated. This section has been split into a set of subsections.

(original post)These jesters are standing. They are not sitting, they are not performing, they are not juggling, they do not have swords (or other weapons), they are not real people, and the entire jester, from head to foot, is visible.  Hence, the standing jesters. There are only 160 of them split into two groups: 128 standing jesters and then 32 who are like normal people, not jokers. 

This is from the Fireflies Bicycle deck which incidentally, I bought for a very reasonable price from Walgreens card section

 Here's 14 pages ensemble pictures of standing jesters.  

This next page starts with five standing jokers published by ARRCO. 

The next four pages are standing jokers but not really jesters. The first page is all-women. The Bee joker in the top left below  with the coloful flapper is historical, she might be (or directly descends) from a joker published by the New York Consolidated Card Company in 1930. Hochman, NY67 P63. 

Here are some other articles about jokers on this website that you should look through as soon as you can.

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