Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Clown Jokers

I have a section in my collection with clown jokers. Can I be honest? I don't really like clown jokers. I think jokers should have jesters on them.  I think clowns are a mistake, a poor substitute.

But, my collection has gown and my views of changed. Come look at the updated article from February 2021 about Clown Jokers.

With that said, I thought I would share a few of the more interesting clown jokers with you.

Scary Joker Clown 
Scary Joker Clown

Clowns & Jokers Together: Why?

Clowns & Jokers Together: Why?

Clowns & Jokers Together: Why?

Why does this clown hold a goose?

Here's an update on the joker collection. Oct 12, 2018.
 And for your pleasure, it's a video of the clown jokers.

Below are all the pages as of today in the clown section of the joker collection.  I count 87 different jokers. There are four pages with nine jokers plus five on the next page.  The pages have a minor themes. For instance, the first one below is mostly clowns juggling, balancing, or generally performing.

Clown Jokers Juggling & Balancing

More Cycling Clown Jokers

The jokers on the next page are pretty common. Common enough so he has a name: Clowny! There's the standard Clowny and some variations including Clowny on black.

The guitar playing joker was first made by King Press c1937.  It's listed as MSN51 King Press, P159 of Hochman. He's memorialized as 4B in the Joker Poster.

Clowns on Jokers Performing & Juggling

This set of jokers has more of a bicycling theme and since they are clowns, it's more a cycling theme with most of them on unicycles. It might not surprise you to know that I have a unicycle in the garage but I cannot balance on it. However, I am a good juggler.  (see me juggling).

This last shot is a jester, a spooky jester face. I included him so you can see that a jester wears a jester hat. Jokers have pointed or roundish clown hats. The distinction is usually pretty clear.

Spooky Clown Head Joker
Spooky Clown Head Joker

This article was updated Sept 21, 2017. As part of that, I updated my clown joker count from 45 to 87. I've been working hard this summer to grow and improve my collection. Astute observers will notice that I also improved my photography although I still feel that I have a lot of need to improve.

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