Sunday, May 13, 2018

Jokers Featuring Playing Cards

Admittedly, all joker playing cards have something to do with cards. By definition.  But I have discerned, or determined, that there is a category of playing card jokers which feature cards and I have made this a section in my collection.

 I'll start by showing three imps playing cards.

 And since these are historic jokers (but not from 1896), I'll show his back also. He is listed on page 113 of Hoffman Card Encyclopedia.

This next lady is showing her petticoats which seems to be almost all hearts but there are some diamonds.  No spades or clubs  (meaning no farmers or violence) under her skirt! Just lots of  love and a maybe a few gems.

 This next joker features a dandy astride the Earth with cards behind him.  A world class gambler?

This next lady is more of a critter since she has 6 arms and a pair of legs. Not to mention a very sharp stingy nose.  

Now there's a nice poker hand.

 I've built houses out of cards before but to be honest, never have I constructed more than three levels. This eight level card tower would be an amazing achievement! (Or use scotch tape!)
eight level card tower
An eight level card tower

And here are the jokers about playing cards, all together.

The one in the bottom left of the nine above raises a question about line between categories of jokers.  For instance, how do I know that he is a CARD JOKER and not a JUGGLER or PERFORMER? Great question, I'll explain it down below.

I admit that I am sometimes a little troubled by the line between some categories of jokers. For instance, are there some jokers from the Joker Juggling section which belong in this Card section? Great question.   ie
Juggling or Card Section?

Also, there are some jokers from the Joker Performing section that could be confused as belong here too in the CARD section.   This one for instance is performing a magic trick. Should he be in the performing or card section?
Performing or Card Section?

So much to think about. Anyone have any thoughts on joker taxonomy to help move me along?

And here is the answer to questions about the line between jokers classified as Card Jokers, Juggling Jokers, Mirrored Jokers, and Performing Jokers? 

1. If a joker is mirrored, it goes in the TopsyTurvy section regardless of the theme (animals, jesters, jugglers, whatever). 

2. The jokers go into the card section (this section) if the cards are the most important graphical element (not the person) and there are only a few cards or pips. 

3. They are  jugglers if they are actually juggling or if there is a large or magical number of cards or pips in the air. Pips pouring out of thin air go into the juggline section.

4. The performers have the character and performance as the most important graphic element, the cards (if there are any) are secondary. 

These are the natural laws for the joker taxonomy that I am revealing. The canonical laws. (It's not a set of arbitrary rules that only I understand or care about.)