Friday, April 23, 2021

Duplicates for Trading

I’ve noticed that while my joker website is mostly about showing what I have, many other sites focus more on showing what they have to trade.  So I’m creating a page where I will over time list my jokers available for trade. This will take awhile since my extras have not been well organized:

My photography and organization will improve. Promise. I just don't know when.
In the meantime, if you have extras and as I get more extras organized (think months and years), I'd be interested in buying some of yours, Please contact me in the comments below. (updated 4-25)

Extras - Music-Flute - April 2021. Page 1
Please refer to the row by number (1-2-3), the columns by letter (A-B-C)
extra jokers: sitting

Music, wind instruments, not flutes
July 2021

Musical Ensemble - 4/21 - Page 1

 Art-Statues - April 2021 - Page 1

Art-Statues - April 2021 - Page 2

Extras - Sitting- Birdman-Page 1- April 2021

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