Saturday, March 25, 2017

Joker Collecting - Organized

With over 1500 different playing card jokers, I recently faced up to trying to organize the collection. The challenge was to create an overall approach to organization and also to avoid the  inadvertent dupes in the collection.

I considered a number of different themes many of which I adopted, some I discarded.. Ultimately, it was very creative work, somewhat solitary. Oddly, nobody else seem interested in working with me on it. I probably put 20 hours into the organizing process, maybe more.  Have rarely been happier.

Animal Jokers, Topsy Turvy Jokers, Jesters Performing, Jesters Standing, Jesters Sitting, Jesters headshot or just the bust, Christmas Jokers, Travel Jokers, Traveling Jokers, Erotic Jokers, Chinese Jokers, Art Jokers etc etc.

Here's the list again with examples...

Animal jokers. This has many sub themes such as bird jokers, canine jokers, feline jokers, equestrian kplers, and eventually, there is just a big mix of odd animals.

Animal Jokers Example 1

Animal Joker Example 2

Topsy Turvy jokers. These jokers are perfectly symmetrical so there is no way that they can be upside down. Since I really like this theme, I decided it trumps other ones so animal topsy turvy jokers go into the topsy turvy section, as do topsy turvy jesters, topsy turvy characters, and topsy turvy advertising.

Jokers Topsy Turvy Example 1

Jokers Topsy Turvy Example 2

Jokers Topsy Turvy Example 3

Jesters Performing- These jesters are either  juggling, doing magic (usually card tricks), or dancing. Some theatrical acting jesters.

Jesters Performing & Theatric Example 1

Jesters Performing & Theatric Example 2

Jesters Standing - Unlike the previous section, these jesters are standing and primarily stationary. But they are not boring. And being theatrically dressed does not qualify them for being in the performing section.

Jesters Standing Example 1
Jesters Standing Example 3

Jesters Standing Example 2

Jesters Sitting - 

Jesters head shots or just the top half

  People - Jokers with recognizable people such as David Letterman, Elvis Presley, and non recognizable people like medieval washerworman and turn of century farmer too.

Travel Jokers - These are ships, planes, trains, cars, balloons and foreign places.

Travel Jokers Ex 1

Trave Jokers Example 2

Christmas Jokers - This seemed like a great category but it's actually really thin. I only have one page. In contrast, other sections have 10 or even 20 pages. I could just fold this into the character joker section. At one point, I thought about having a holiday section of jokers since there were a few jokers with Easter Bunny themes. But I put them in animals. For the moment, the Christmas section exists.

Christmas Jokers

  Erotic Jokers - This runs the gamut from from racy cartoony jokers (a Jessica Rabbit joker, if I had one, might go here since I prefer erotica to cartoon characters), to classic pin ups, There are some National Geographic type nature shots of topless wormen in  cultures where that is the norm. And a little hard core porn.  There is a particularly fun page of cute (more cute than sexy) women in bikinis. And a few men.

Clowns - Clowns of course are not jesters. They are clowns. Some people create jokers with clowns on them. I don't know why. And I don't think they should. I've thought of excluding clown jokers from my collection but it didn't seem to make that much sense. So I've let in the clowns. But  I'm aesthetically offended by clown jokers.

Art - This is a tricky theme in that it is very much defined by the "eyes of the beholder", ie me.  There are many jokers that I have just decided are artistic. There are others, which are artistic, which are classified elsewhere.  Unlike most of the themes that overlapped too much and which I discarded during the crazy creative intense weekend of organization, I maintained this one. Only time will tell whether I will be happy with this decision and if I'm not, whether I will discard it.  The overlap with historical jokers and characters is particularly hard to define.

Art Jokers Example 1

Art Jokers Example 2

Chinese jokers - I bought a few years ago several hundred from China and put them in an album without much organization or attention.  They are in a separate album. However, Chinese jokers that I have since collected are mixed in elsewhere, this is room for overlap.

   Advertising and logo or emblem jokers - This seems to work combining these two themes together since while many emblems are abstract, many are commercial.

  Characters - Batman, Superman, and other cartoony characters.

  Cycling and Congress Jokers. Given the dominance of the US Playing Card Company and their Bicycle Brand jokers, there's are a lot of these.

  Jokers of History - This was a tricky area to define both because it overlaps with art and includes a sub theme of "classic" style jokers such as a man with a top hat and cane dressed in the 1920s style.

 There are more themes but that might be enough for now.  There are some theme ideas that  didn't make it through the organizational process such as cheesy jokers (ie, ones that I think are poorly designed) and food jokers (I only had a few).  I tried organizing by colors and a few other approaches that didn't work very well. I do have an odd size and shape section.

The collection is organized in plastic trading card pages in a 3 ring binder, each page holds 9 jokers. Prior to the big reorg, while each page on the joker collection was cleverly organized around a theme or aesthetic, there was no overall system.  In the big organizational process, I came up with about 20 overall themes and organized along these themes.  But some themes did not work out and often, jokers would fit often into multiple themes. So I had to come up with a system of priorities.  For instance, one theme was topsy turvy jokers, jokers that don't have an upside down. Another theme was animal jokers. What about topsy turvy jokers with animals? Well, I really like the topsy theme so I decided it trumps the others.

My next step is to put 2-3 pictures of joker pages on each of the above sections to illustrate the theme, then to create a full catalog and count of each theme. I'd also like to upgrade my picture taking which is too often, done with my cell phone. Today, I'm experimenting with using my scanner.

Extra jokers! I could of course note which jokers I have duplicates of and would be open to trading with other collectors.

I might by having the first joker organizational system, become famous! Will it be named for me?  I might be able to create the first real bartering system in which people can communicate and look through each other's collections in a reasonable way. (BTW, I'm very open to large buys of jokers at this point, I have some serious momentum and interest in building the collection).

The Organizational Project - What was really going on?

The weekend might have involved twenty hours of work. Or forty.  I finally got the joker collection organized.  It started by me trying to integrate the nearly 200 new jokers that I had recently acquired into the collection.

 What I intended this journal entry to be about was that it's now Monday morning and I have a vast backlog of work of the other type, my day job work.   There are massive organizational projects to do there such as reorganizing a web-site's organizational system to improve user experience. It's actually the same sort of hard conceptual thinking project but I'm having trouble getting as excited about it because when I'm finished, I have to test it against the opinions of many colleagues, the rigor of several alternative logics (scalable, understandable, intuitive), and ultimately, whether the users like it and respond how we're hoping...

 To be honest, the intensity of my creative intense work experience this weekend was probably fueled by escapism from not having to deal with redesigning the navigation system like I told everyone that I would do this weekend. Sigh.

I'm now writing a confessional. Do you think I can turn it in as my homework?  While it would humanize me to my colleagues (Hardly an issue...admittedly), it would not solve the fact that people were depending on me...OK Enough!!!!


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