Saturday, September 23, 2017

Jesters: Heads or Busts but not full-bodied

This jester or joker section is built around only having the head and upper body, no legs! One visitor recently told me that this should be called the mug shot section.

It starts with a subsection  which show the jester head on a stick! I count (9-23-2017) 112 jokers in this section. Enjoy.

Jester Joker Head on a Stick
Jester Joker Head on a Stick

 This next one is a proper head shot, a Jolly Joker! He has a jester-type hat and is surrounded by the four aces.

This is one of the most traditional classical modern jokers. Anybody know anything about who designed him and which card publisher he is associated with?

Heres's a scary jester variation on the classical jester headshot.

At times, I've organized all the girl jokers in one section but I've reverted to a more integrated approach.  While I do have a girlie pinup porn section (which includes some male porn), I've moved most of the women back into the different sections. This pretty art deco lady seems to me like she belongs in the head shot section, not the girlie.

In the jesters performing section of the collection, there is a subsection devoted to masks.  It's an interesting question (well, interesting to me and maybe somebody else in the world), whether his joker belongs in the head shot section or the mask section.

Another taxonomy conundrum. Does this fashionable well dressed monkey with his jester on a stick, belong in the animal section or this joker heads and busts section?

The joker jesters head shots and bust section starts with a subsection that I think of as jokers on a stick.  Have any of the rest of you organized this way?

I have a total of 13 (so far) jokers on a stick.

I'm now going to add a few more - 10-8-2017.  These two mug shots of jesters are from the Emotion Deck from Bicycle.

The Emotion deck box cover. The Emotion cards have black faces. The typically red suits are still red, the black suits are gray. Most cards have a standard design but the face cards show an unusual amount of .... emotion!

 The Emotion deck was one of 6 collectible decks that I purchased yesterday at Walgreens. Here's the six: Emotion, Aurora, US Presidents, Fire, Dragon Back, and Black Tire.  Readers will notice that I'm now starting to do more curating of information about the source of each joker.

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