Sunday, September 24, 2017

Artsy Jokers

I have picked out the most aesthetic jokers and assembled them in the art section of the joker collection.  Some could fit into other areas but I think each one of these 98 makes a strong claim on its own (or through its pair) for belonging in the art section of the joker collection.

These next two jokers are by Peter Wood from his 2000Pips transformation deck.

Thats the highlight of the first 9 jokers in the art section. They are colorful and imaginative, some are abstract.

The next section is a different aesthetic.  These jokers are grittier and edgier.  The first two are a pair.

And here's that section of jokers together.

These next 9 are also edgy and mystical with themes of death and reincarnation. These too will get more attention and better photography shortly.

These 9 deserve better photography and more explanation. Stay tuned.

This next section is more traditional, some even classical, art.

This section introduces a few surreal elements. For instance, there's a joker, the one with the hat and no head, which echoes the Son of Man by Rene Magritte.

Here's some nature art.

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