Monday, October 26, 2020

Mermaid Jokers

 Mermaids intrigue me. Do they exist and do they lure lonely sailors to a watery but ecstatic death like in the Odyssey?  Do they fall in love with humans like Ariel and the mermaid in the Splash film? The ones in Harry Potter were a particularly mean strain of merpeople.

 I have seventeen fish-tailed lovelies in the art section and another five in other parts of the collection. 

Here are the 17 mermaids that I've collected in one space. 

As I've mentioned, I think there are more mermaids elsewhere, perhaps in the statue section (or the travel section, I think I have a photo of the Little Mermaid from Holland). There could be some in the girlie section although I have trouble imagining it. And surely there are some in the cartoon section since there's whole films about Ariel and I know there's one of the SeaWitch. I might also look in  the sea creatures section.

I just found this pair in, would you believe, the juggling section!

And in the cartoon section, there was definitely the Sea Witch. Ursula!

Here's three more mermaid jokers found in the musical category, wind section.