Monday, May 6, 2019

Jokers with Three Imps

The three imps were on one of the oldest and most treasured jokers in my collection.   This joker of the three imps probably dates from 1927. It's an old US Playing Card Joker. It features the Palmer Cox Brownies.

Three Imps on a Joker
Three Imps on a Joker

I think the one below is a more modern version again featuring  the three "Palmer Cox Brownies" who were popular cartoon characters from the late 1900s. Palmer Cox was a Canadian illustrator and author, best known for The Brownies, a series of books and comic strips about the mischievous but kindhearted fairy-like sprites. The best known of the books with the comic books in them  was The Brownies, Their Book (1887). 

Due to the popularity of Cox's Brownies, one of the first popular handheld cameras was named after them, the Eastman Kodak Brownie camera.
Palmer Cox Brownies Playing Cards
Palmer Cox Brownies Playing Cards

This modern joker features the Pep Boys: Manny, Moe, and Jack.

I don't know much about this joker but it looks modern and cheap, perhaps from China. There do seem to be the Palmer Cox Brownies, or perhaps a modern reinterpretation of them.

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Lastly, many people wonder Why there are jokers in decks of cards?

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Stringed Instruments

How many different jokers do you think there are in the world that have string instruments in them?

I have about 55 different stringed instrument jokers. (Plus 20 that are in the upside down section which I describe in the article below).

I expect that I have about 5% of the different jokers in the world. That means that there might be one thousand different jokers with stringed instruments on Earth.

Or more! Or less. Who is to say?  Anywho, lets starts off with this joker with a great hat and a lute.

This post starts with a selection of my favorite two dozen of the stringed joker musicians. The next  one has a royal or court jestor playing something like a cello.
This next joker has a guy wearing maybe a Roman toga while carrying a lyre.

Another lyre? Tiny harp?

WHOA, that last one was playing the stringed shovel? Before we continue, I should mention that are about 20 stringed jokers which I have in the topsy turvy section of my collection but I'll cross list them here.  

And now back to the pure string section...

I love these next two playing their banjos and singing alone. I wish I could hear what they're singing. Any ideas?

This next joker is probably singing in Latin along with his mandolin. I hate Latin.

I'd like to end with this masked jester who dances, sings, plays his instrument, and probably jokes around too.

Here's the collection of musical stringed instrument jokers in their pages.

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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Snoopy and Charlie Brown Jokers

Charles Shultz Peanut's cartoons and characters are as big as they get. I have only 14 different Peanuts themed jokers.

This was part of the cartoon section of the joker card collection which has gotten so big that I'm breaking it into subsections.

I'm starting with Snoopy jokers.

Is my memory correct, is this bird known as Woodstock? He turns out to be the most popular character to put on jokers. Why?

 And now back to Snoopy!

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