Saturday, December 8, 2018

Artistic or Artsy Jokers

There are 102 jokers which are in the artistic section.  They primarily are put there for aesthetic reasons, each is a work of great beauty. Many are of works of arts, some are works of art.  And most of them would not fit in any other section.

I love this joker: The four pip men running, jumping, skipping, and struggling through the circle obstacles.

For the backs of this one and others, scroll down to where I show them in sets of nine including the backs. A few seem to be missing, if you want to see one, just ask as a comment.  Thanks.

These three are by the mysterious intriguing graffiti artist known as Banksy. Never heard of him? Look him up. Very cool.

Banksy Jokers
Banksy Jokers

Here are the 102 artsy jokers (12-9-2018) currently in the collection. With backs.

Here's the backs.

I 'm pleased with how I've constructed most of hte pages of nine in this section, each page seems balanced and harmonious. The exception might be this next one. I'm not sure what to put with the three Banksy jokers so I have them with the moment, mostly with plants and flowers.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Favorite Jokers

What are you favorite jokers? 
It's such a hard question. Not because I can't think of a favorite but because I can think of so many favorites. Here's a few.

These are favorites since they are classic jokers that I've seen all my life. In fact, in my own mind, I have nicknames for many of them.

For instance, I think of this first three are Sprinkleman, Biker, and Floater. 

In this next set, the top row far right is Truco, sort of Spanish for tricky.  Directly underneath that joker is floater again. I think of the bottom row, middle as Woopsie.

This once starts with Truco and Scatterman again. Bottom row, far left, is a variation on Owl Man (but without the Owl).

Friday, November 16, 2018

Card Collecting: Need Help with Tracking

Question: How to keep track of the information about the origin, details, and history that I learn about
each joker?

Answer - Very much a Work In Progress - I'm playing around with this idea for a sort of Google docs spreadsheet based database.
Where did this come from again?

I'd like an easily updated system which somehow sits on the computer (hopefully in the cloud) and which links to my physical collection. I'd also like to have it available online, perhaps part of this blog or a new system, so that other collectors can help contribute to it and use it

I also want it to help me keep track of duplicate jokers for trading purposes. Right now, the duplicates either get slipped in behind the original in the albums, kept in boxes by category, or left in a big pile for sorting.

Any ideas? I just started looking around by looking for some sort of image matching software and I'm looking right now at Bolide, image matching software.

One second generation collector,  Tom van Berkum, sets a high standard for his information on each joker.   Each joker gets this sort of description:

"Patience 12223" - A.G. Müller, Neuhausen, Switzerland > 1960. 52 cards + 2 jokers + 1 blanco. 61 x 43 mm. GvB0764

Which he explains like this:

When I post a joker or deck I always try to mention the name or brand of the deck. In this case: Patience 12223. Second I mention the manufacturer: A.G. Muller. Then city/Country and year: Neuhausen, Switzerland after 1960. Then: number of cards in the deck: 52 plus two jokers 1 one extra,blanco, card. Then the size of the cards in millimeter: 61x43 mm. The code GvB0764 refers to the initials of my father and the number in his collection. This was deck 764 he obtained. After his passing away in 2008 I decided to keep this system of organising. All the info of the deck he kept in a database. That is my main source of info and he was very accurate 🧐

Here's another example of Tom's incredibly high quality information (from Facebook):

What I don't understand is where to keep this info and in what format (also of course how I'm going to gather it for the 3K plus jokers that I already have assembled):

  • Should I have a big text file on the computer with a description and  picture of each joker?
  • Should I print out a page from this text file for each page in my collection?  (ie keep them in groups of 9)
  • Is there some database system that would be useful for this?
  • Should I take an image archiving system, say Flikr or Google images or shutterfly, and add a description of each joker? It turns out there are image management packages.
  • Maybe the image matching software is the right way to start?
  • Maybe each print out isn't by page it's by section of the joker collection

Joker Organization Today: My jokers in pages, in sections, inside three ring binders.

Card Collecting Albums
The jokers are in clear plastic pages of nine so that viewers can see the front and the back. Each nine tries to be a balanced page related to the pages around it and in a category of between 2 and 25 similar pages. A few categories to a book.

For example, here's a page of jokers sitting on barrels, it's one of eleven pages of jokers sitting. Other sections in sitting including sitting on the crescent moon, seated sideways (like Owlman), and sitting cross-legged (like the Piatnik). The sitting section is one of two in a medium size three ring binder.

Jokers on Barrels

Crescent Moon Joker Backs

Jokers Sitting on Crescent Moons

Seated on Barrel Joker Backs
But this blog is also part of the organization with some fascinating descriptions of jokers but no real way to retrieve or find it. Examples:

1895 or 1927?