Sunday, October 1, 2023

Elephant Jokers - Subsection of Animals with Horns and Tusks

 There is a subsection in the animals that I call animals with horns and tusks.  It's not the catsdogs, flyers, monkeyshorses, or varmints.  

Brought this one back from the 52 Plus Joker Conference in Cleveland, Oct 2023.

Woolly mammoth?

Here's the ensemble shots with my 15 elephant jokers (not counting the topsy turvy elephant one above).

Next you should look through  the other animal sections of the joker collection.
    1. Ensemble Animal combinations (cats AND dogs)
    Animals: Flyers - Bee Boy
    Animals: Flyers - Bee Boy
    1. Cats  or  Dogs Now there's a big cat subsection! 
    2. Flyers:  Birds, OwlsBees,  Butterflies  & Dragons . Now there's a rooster & chicken subsubsection!
    3. Horses , zebras, donkeys, giraffes ...
      1. Fantasy horses: centaurs, unicorns, pegasus
    4. Monkeys, bears, and others with paws 
    5. Animals with antlers, horns, and tusks. And elephants (this article)
    6. Varmints - the annoying small wild animals
    7. Reptiles, amphibians, sea creatures  
A note on organizational systems of the animal kingdom.  My organization, which you can see above, is not strictly based on any biologically based system of organizing the genus and species of the animal kingdom. For instance, I have a broad category called flyers which includes bees (an insect), birds (closely related to dinosaurs and reptiles), owls, and bats. I have zebras and giraffes in the equestrian section (with horses, donkeys, and mules).  I am aware that this is very very wrong.

I am also aware that the organization of the animal kingdom by biologists is in flux and a source of much debate. There is the traditional organization which was largely based on the easily observable traits of animals and their skeletons. And now there are new systems emerging based on studies of the DNA of the animals. And there's the problem that the organization in use is largely arbitrary in its definitions of phylum and subphylum.

Lotsa Lady Jokers

 One group of real people jokers are the ladies.  This is not the European type ladies, this is the American ladies. The first is a favorite of mine. She has a simple powerful style with just a simple sketched outline an a Mondrian print on her dress.  She's looks like my Mom in the mid 60s where, having just left the USA for the first time and living in London, she went to Vidal Sasson and got a sassy new hairdo (which my brother and I mocked which I still feel bad about. In my defense, I was 7).

Here are the ensemble shots.  There are about 65.  This first pages skews very young. I mean most of these jokers have pictures of little girls on them.
Here's there is more of a mix of ages...

These are all grown ups and with a certain flair.

Just a reminder that a cardinal principal of joker collection organization is to keep pairs of jokers from the same deck together. On this next page, there are three pairs of jokers in which one is a women (which is why it is here) and the other is a man.

These next jokers are a little spicy. You might say they have spunk.

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