Saturday, March 26, 2022

Centaurs, Unicorns, and Pegasus: The Fantasy Horses

 Many jokers feature the fantasy horses such as centaurs, unicorns, and flying horses.    There are 23 of these fantasy beasts.

 YES, to answer your question, I consider DRAGONS to be a different category since they are of the genus of birds and are not related to centaurs, unicorns, or flying horses. I do see where someone could argue that they have some common elements. BTW, I do understand the difference between dragons (they have six limbs: four legs and two wings) and wyverns or drakes which have only two hand legs plus wings.

Animal Jokers - Ensemble Animal combinations (cats AND dogs)

    Animals: Flyers - Bee Boy
    Animals: Flyers - Bee Boy
    1. Cats  or  Dogs 
    2. Flyers: The Birds and the BeesButterflies Dragons 
    3. Horses , zebras, donkeys, giraffes ...
      1. Fantasy horses: centaurs, unicorns, pegasus
    4. Monkeys, bears, and others with paws 
    5. Animals with antlers, horns, and tusks
    6. Reptiles, amphibians, sea creatures 


  1. i know that feeling. There are some jokers that just fill me full of desire. Especially the old ones.

  2. There are also mermaids, arguably more that fantastic:


Thanks for your input and for reading and thinking about jokers.