Thursday, July 11, 2019

Sports Jokers

Inside the sports section, there are a number of sections: golf, baseball, American football, basketball, bowling, racing, and last, my beloved football.

First, golf jokers. Here's my most interesting golf joker. It's an early Nintendo jokers (NOTE. I need to figure out how to recognize the word Nintendo when written in Japanese.)

This joker was a difficult one to categorize since I thought about the glamour girl category for her, but I decided, despite her long naked legs, to put her in the golf section of sports since she’s on a club.

Early Nintendo Golf Joker
Early Nintendo Golf Joker

 Here's 20 golf jokers in one picture.  The most interesting by far is in the second row, the fifth one in. It's a Nintendo jokers of a lady astride a golf club.

Golf Jokers

Here's seven more golf jokers.

The baseball and American football sections are below.

And the American football section....

Car Racing Jokers (yes, there are also racing cars in the vehicle section of the travel section which need to be photographed and added to the blog but here's the travel section from a few year ago.)

 Basketball Jokers!

Bowling jokers. And other such as fishing and maybe badminton.
Bowling Jokers
Bowling Jokers
 My most beloved sport is football, or soccer as they call it here in the USA.  Yes, we just won the FIFA Women's World Cup last week but sadly, I have no jokers with them on it. And yes, there is one interloper on the page below.
Soccer Jokers
Soccer Jokers

After the sports section, you might look to see the juggling jesters section.


  1. I just noticed that this blog just passed the hundred thousand page views mark. And when I look at the graph of page views by month, it's a long term consistent trending upwards to the right. At this point, it's about 3000 per month and more importantly, slightly more most months!!! "Pageviews all time history: 102,722"

  2. Here's Joops schedule of card and joker meetings. I hope to go to one one day


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