Sunday, February 5, 2017

Juggling Jokers

I have over 75 different juggling jokers. (circa Sept 2017)
Below is a small sampling of them.  I expect soon to have the time to properly photography my jokers with a juggling them and in the meantime, here's a good sample of them.    I gushed about a joker since it evoked the classical jester theme of juggling.

 Then I went on a quest to find my jokers with a juggling theme. There turn out to be sixty seven different juggling jokers in the collection at this time.   Here's they are:

Juggling Joker
Juggling Joker

Now if you are paying attention, you'll realize that categorizing jokers properly is harder than juggling four pins while balancing on a board on a ball.  For instance, should this next joker be categorized as a juggling joker (since he's juggling cards and balancing on a ball) or in the jokers featuring playing cards section? Answer: juggling card jokers get categorized as jugglers, not as card-themed jokers.  Management decision!

This next joker presents another tough question of what theme trumps what theme.  Does the following joker belong in the:

Owl Man Joker Juggling and Sitting

From the Faceboook Joker Playing Card discussion of May 17, 2018, Joop Muller explained:

The black and white joker was made by Mesmaekers from Turnhout in the 1930's. It was chosen as the standard Carta Mundi joker after the merging of the playing card divisions of Van Genechten, Biermans and Brepols. Van Genechten had already taken over Mesmaekers and had in this way acquired the rights of this joker too.


And if you don't mind, I thought I'd include a picture of yours truly doing some juggling. It was original posted on my sports blog.

For those of you who want to know what happened at the end of the video.... it turns out that I had forgotten to chew so I started to choke.  Once I realized what was happening, I remembered that I use to have this same problem back in the early 1970s when I use to perform this trick.  Here I am, half a century later, and I'm still forgetting to chew and swallow.  Totally cracked me up! Practically make me choke to death too. And here is a quick look via video of my juggling jokers as of 9/2/2017:

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