Saturday, April 13, 2019

Snoopy and Charlie Brown Jokers

Charles Shultz Peanut's cartoons and characters are as big as they get. I have only 14 different Peanuts themed jokers.

This was part of the cartoon section of the joker card collection which has gotten so big that I'm breaking it into subsections.

I'm starting with Snoopy jokers.

Is my memory correct, is this bird known as Woodstock? He turns out to be the most popular character to put on jokers. Why?

 And now back to Snoopy!

Related sections of the joker collection include:

The Dogs and Cats Jokers - shortly to be broken into two sections
The Real People jokers - about to be broken into politicians, film stars, Elvis, etc
The Cartoon Jokers - to be broken into all sorts of sections
The Star Wars Jokers

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