Monday, September 14, 2020

Antlers, Horns, and Tusks Jokers

 With about 500 different animal jokers, and more arriving weekly, chaos threatens. How to put them in albums so I know where to find them.  I’ve created order by grouping them by species. At first it was easy, all the cats belong together. And all the dogs. 

But as I've had to handle more than household pets and not being a biologist, I built my own categories of the animal kingdoms. I am not following the conventional system with domain, kingdom, phylum, genus, and species.  Why not? Because I don't understand it . Today's article is about jokers with animals with antlers, horns, and tusks. Like this one:

This joker features a deer with corkscrew antlers from Cypress. I know that it's from Cypress since I've seen the back of the joker.

 This is the Official System that I did NOT use

Bull fighting: Let's make it part of our history. Only our history. No more BS or bullfighting.

This animal is past his prime but his remnants are pretty durn impressive.
This joker is making a point about environmentalism and a lack of respect for the world that we depend on. I totally agree.
Walruses have tusks!

Want to see other types of critters on jokers? Monkeys, Bears and other furries;   Swimmers Slimeys and Sea Creatures;  cats dogsflyers, and horses.

Here are the jokers with antlers, tusks, and horns, about fifty. The construction and balancing of each page of nine is an art project. 

That makes about 54 different jokers in the antlers, tusks, and horns section. Can you think of a better name?  Other animal section: Monkeys,  Bears and other furries;  and Swimmers Slimeys and Sea Creatures.  Also cats and dogs, flyers, and horses

Want jokers that walk on two legs? Like pretty scantily dressed girls (and a few boys)? How about jesters dancing?  I’d personally recommend: jokers with masks

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