Saturday, August 26, 2017

Jokers of Real People

These jokers feature real people.  Mickey Mouse is not a real person. Nor is Batman.  President Bush is a real person and so is Elvis Presley.  Real actors, like Harrison Ford, are real even when they're playing a part such as Indiana Jones.  Got it?

Organizing the collection of jokers is a focus of this collector these days.

First page, nine politicians or political leaders. Several George Bushes, a Jimmie Carter, a Walter Mondale, Saddam Hussein, George McGovern, Valery Giscard d'Estaing, Georges Pompidou, and Charles de Gaulle.

Politcal Jokers
Politcal Jokers
 This page features six different shots of Elvis and then three actors.

Collection of Elvis Presley Jokers
Collection of Elvis Presley Jokers
 Sports Jokers

 Actor jokers.  Notice that there are Three Stooges jokers.

Royal and historical jokers. To be frank, I'm thinking of reorganizing this section since these jokers should perhaps be in the history section.

Help me.  Who the heck is this caricature of?

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  1. I have been building the sports joker section. I now have a page of football jokers, another of baseball, a third of golf, another of NASCAR, and then a few more pages of mixed jokers. There seem to be less jokers with soccer players or basketball players than I would have thought. hmmmm.