Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jokers with Masks

Iltalian Mask Playing Card Jokers
These two jokers are from a deck of cards that I bought in Tuscany Italy.

I can't remember if it was Florence or Siena.

The jokers illustrate the use of their beautiful local masks.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Playing Card Jokers Collection

playing card joker on a yoga ball
 These jokers are particularly attractive. They are just a few of the odd one thousand jokers in my collection. No offers would be considered.  Thanks anyway. I will link to other collections upon request and approval!

doggy joker

playing card joker

Friday, October 12, 2012

Jokers Collected

I have learned to use my flat bed scanner with a little more dexterity so for the first time, here are some higher quality scans of my playing card jokers.  Enjoy.  There is no particular organization to them in that they are just some loose joker playing cards that are around my desk, they are not organized into albums the way that that previous entries were.  But, in another decade or so, I should be retired and have all the time that I want to get them organized!  ;->
Hoops Joker (fill in the blank
with whomever after a bad game)
Playing Cards - M&M Joker

Card Joker - Perhaps Mexican?

Scary Joker

Joker - Topsy Turvy Style

A Joker with Balls

Bicycle Joker in color!