Sunday, June 2, 2019

Harry Potter Jokers

For Muggles and magic folk alike, including squibbs: 
For your viewing pleasure, I humbly present Harry Potter Jokers! Twenty-four different ones (12/21).

Here's Harry himself.

And Hermione and Weasely...

Oddly, those first three jokers have a standard Bicycle back. Weird. It's magic!

What's the name of this little magical guy?

Dec 2021, I bought three more decks. From the left, there’s Hufflepuff (yellow-backed), Ravenclaw (purple), and Hogwarts. They have nice packaging and customized cards but not particularly interesting jokers. I bought the decks and am a tad disappointed. 

Heres the ensemble shots: front and back. There’s 24 different jokers (12/21).

Leaving the world of Hogwarts and magic, who else appears on a lot of jokers? 
There's Elvis Presley 
And Snoopy

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  1. How to date a deck: USPC

    Start with the date code.


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