Sunday, November 4, 2012

Three Jokers

I've been shopping on Ebay again.   Thanks to Raphael Neszvecsko and Hava Getz images and Henrietta Dancik, I have expanded my joker collection by another two dozen different jokers. I now have...I have no idea how many. I'm pretty sure that there are more than a thousand different jokers but I don't think that there's more than two or three thousand jokers.

collecting three jokers
Three Jokers

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Joker Playing Card Collection Videos

I happened to go to Youtube to see if there was anything about joker collecting and jackpot!!!!

 The best video a joker collection could want!!! I answered his joker video with this little one.


I think this must be the best two online videos of joker playing card collections, right?

Most jokers

dog playing card joker
joker card dog
Mirror mirror on the wall,

Do I have the best jokers of all?

Who has more and who has less?

Am I not the winner of the joker contest?

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