Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jokers in my office

This is the second of my appropriate-for-the-office framed joker collections. It hangs not, like the other one in my home office, but in my actual place of business.

It's an office with 36 people and many visitors. I'm amazed that nobody ever seems to comment on it or even notice it. Why?

Isn't it a little odd to have 13 (my lucky number) jokers hanging framed on wall in a formal place of business?

But this piece of evidence of my quirkiness, hides in plain view of everyone, and seems to attract no attention.  I feel like its crying out for some attention and a comment or two. So I will do the same here, more explicitly.

I know you vistors are there, I see it in the stats.  I know what keywords brought you to this blog or which links.  I'd like to know just a little more about you.  How about a comment or two with your thoughts on a joker collection? Thanks.

Here are the three framed jokers for my kids:

And the original framed jokers that has hung in my room or office since the 70s.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Joker on the Wall

Mostly, the joker collection behaves itself and sits quietly and patiently on the bookshelf.

 Twice, over the last 35 years, I have put a few jokers into a frame and then placed them on the wall.

This was the first framed collection of jokers that I created.  Two rows of eight jokers across, the columns down each side, and three featured in the middle.

I've hung this on my office walls pretty consistency since the early 80s and have received surprisingly little reaction to it. It's been on office walls in California, London, and Florida.

Wouldn't you comment on a wall hanging that featured playing card jokers?  Well then, why not comment here on the blog!