Friday, October 30, 2020

Unicycle Jokers

The unicycle section!  Also, some skaters.  (There's a separate bicycle joker section). The first unicyclist is particularly tricky.

This jester's unicycle is tiny but the tweetie bird on this finger is bigger than his head. And the bells on his hat are larger than the bird's head.

Now, some clowns on unicycles...

And a clown on a sort of unicycle. Actually, it looks like a ball. But I thought he belonged here with the others.

What jokers should you look at next?

Historical jokers from Dougherty from the 1800s and early 1900

Monday, October 26, 2020

Mermaid Jokers

 Mermaids intrigue me. Do they exist and do they lure lonely sailors to a watery but ecstatic death like in the Odyssey?  Do they fall in love with humans like Ariel and the mermaid in the Splash film? The ones in Harry Potter were a particularly mean strain of merpeople.

 I have seventeen fish-tailed lovelies in the art section and another five in other parts of the collection. 

I’ll start with a particularly lovely joker and mermaid who just this week (11/20) joined us from eBay.

This next one hadn’t even arrived yet but I’ve paid for it on eBay:

This next one is definitely my favorite. Very 50s fantasy, reminds me of the old film South Pacific.
A two tailed joker? Must be time for a Starbucks coffee.
Very colorful and a full robust tail on this lovely. A full head of hair too.

Here are the 15 mermaids that I've collected in one space. There are three ladies on this page that are not mermaids, at least one appear to have human legs. The other two are just head shots so it's harder to tell.

As I've mentioned, I think there are more mermaids elsewhere, perhaps in the statue section (or the travel section, I think I have a photo of the Little Mermaid from Holland). Found it!

There could be some in the girlie section although I have trouble imagining it. And surely there are some in the cartoon section since there's whole films about Ariel and I know there's one of the SeaWitch. I might also look in  the sea creatures section.

I just found this pair of met people in, would you believe, the juggling section!

And in the cartoon section, there was definitely the Sea Witch. Ursula!

Here's three more mermaid jokers found in the musical category, wind section.  They are jokers by Nintendo. Note the Nintendo brand the restaurant promotion both have the N, for Nintendo, on the banner.  But the Japan Airlines one was more fully customized with the Japan Airlines logo on it.

And here’s a lot more Nintendo mermaid jokers that I just bought:

What type of jokers do you want to see next? 
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Friday, October 16, 2020

Musical Trios - Joker Band Ensembles

Since so many jokers feature music, I've split the musical jokers just like an orchestra into a wind section, a string section, and a percussion section (coming soon). Today, after struggling with the fact hat a set of jokers from a deck should be kept together and not split across sections, I've create a new group: the ensemble trios! 

This section shows the ensemble trios where a deck of card publishes three jokers each of which is playing a different instrument.

There are six trios that make up this ensemble section

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The Orchestra Wind Section - Musical Jokers

 The wind section musical jokers start with a faun, a Medievil, and a youthful flutist.

Here's the ensemble of the wind section of the musical jokers. It starts with the flutists.

Now to the horn and bagpipe section.

Old trumpets provide the fanfare for the announcement of all these other jokers.
On the page above, there are three horn blowers whose lower limbs are fishy and so they are not fully human. These mermaids or merpeople are a Nintendo joker design often customized slightly for custom printed decks. The colored joker in the bottom left has the Nintendo N on the banner and a standard Nintendo copyright notice below. The joker in the bottom right also has the N banner and the text says “World Famous Garden Restaurant CHINZAN-SO Tokyo Japan”.  The black and white joker in the middle row on the left is for Japan Airlines and the banner has the Japan Airlines logo, not the Nintendo N.

I’d suggest Joop /Miriam’s DX Expo webpage for a very fine listing of these Nintendo Mermaid jokers. Also, this website now has an article on mermaid jokers

Want to see more jokers?  How about:
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- Musical Trios Ensemble Groups of Jokers
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article on mermaid jokers. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Framed on the Wall

This framed set of 23 jokers is my most recent (11/2020) and is my only vertically oriented one. My wife picked out the frame and background color. Look hard, you can see my reflection in the glass. Per the suggestion of Glenn Currie, I'm going to try to get info on each of the jokers in this picture spiraling around clockwise starting from the upper left. See below.

#1. Top Left. I have four variations in my jesters walking section. Red and blue colored. There are two smaller ones with no shadows. Per Tom van Berkum: "...manufacturer is Cambissa & Co., Italy since 1956".
#2. Hamburgler. He's in the dancing section no-wand section. There are 14 variations

This display of jokers was framed by me: I think it is one of my best. They make a nice colorful ensemble, none are overwhelmed, overwhelming, or clash.  Note how the two on the top right are oriented back towards the picture's middle. And how the BeeBoy in the top left is marching back towards the middle.. The middle in the top and bottom row are natural middles.

This display was made for my nephew Will whose reflection you can barely see in the glass.

This next framed set of jokers is for my nephew Jay.

Here's the framed jokers that I have in my office. I put this set together in 1970s (yes, I've been doing this for a long time now)!

This framed set of jokers in my company office ( It is bolted to the wall. I've spent a lot of time staring at this selection and I feel that I made some mistakes. I wish I had not put in the seagull, horse, or the seal joker. I put them in for diversity but I think they wreck the aesthetics. I also regret the modern Congress joker and the juggler in the middle row.  I think the peacock in the bottom right is among my most lovely jokers and I think it is pretty rare.

The jokers below is a hand-painted one of a kind joker. Florencia made this, she starts with a card from a deck of cards, scrapes off the image, and then paints on it.  She'll do this as a commission. 

BTW, the lady below looks a lot like my wife.  

My children have received some framed joker selections for their walls.