Friday, October 16, 2020

Musical Trios - Joker Band Ensembles

Since so many jokers feature music, I've split the musical jokers just like an orchestra into a wind section, a string section, and a percussion section (coming soon). Today, after struggling with the fact hat a set of jokers from a deck should be kept together and not split across sections, I've create a new group: the ensemble trios! 

This section shows the ensemble trios where a deck of card publishes three jokers each of which is playing a different instrument.

There are six trios that make up this ensemble section

I’m confused about these jokers below. While I have the bottom row of these as a set in the ensemble section, I'm now thinking that it's more complicated than that since they seem related to the two guitar jokers that I have in the Musical String section.  These five musical jokers appear related. Are they from decks with four jokers or do they get mixed and matched? Who is the publisher? I have several sets of the bottom 3 with the identical back. I have one from the top left (guitar, dark shoes) with a back that matches the one playing the bells. I have a few from top right with very similar backs to many in bottom row. Any help with these mysteries?

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