Friday, October 16, 2020

The Orchestra Wind Section - Musical Jokers

 The article is slightly outdated as I’ve now split the flute joker section  from the rest of the wind section. I might soon split out the brass or horn section. 

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The wind section musical jokers start with a faun, a Medievil, and a youthful flutist.

Here's the ensemble of the wind section of the musical jokers. It starts with the flutists.

Now to the horn and bagpipe section.

Old trumpets provide the fanfare for the announcement of all these other jokers.
On the page above, there are three horn blowers whose lower limbs are fishy and so they are not fully human. These mermaids or merpeople are a Nintendo joker design often customized slightly for custom printed decks. The colored joker in the bottom left has the Nintendo N on the banner and a standard Nintendo copyright notice below. The joker in the bottom right also has the N banner and the text says “World Famous Garden Restaurant CHINZAN-SO Tokyo Japan”.  The black and white joker in the middle row on the left is for Japan Airlines and the banner has the Japan Airlines logo, not the Nintendo N.

I’d suggest Joop /Miriam’s DX Expo webpage for a very fine listing of these Nintendo Mermaid jokers. Also, this website now has an article on mermaid jokers

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article on mermaid jokers. 

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