Friday, October 9, 2020

old Fashioned Pornography

 This site and my collection displays jokers of all sorts. Some jokers have people holding swords or guns. Some jokers are from decks given to US Servicemen with the "enemies" list printed on each of them so there are some real villains on those jokers. Some jokers present different races in ways that make me cringe and wonder about the basic humanity of people but they were typical of a certain time and milieu. Nevertheless, I collect them all.  

If looking at vintage American porn on jokers is not your thing, that's fine. Please move on.  If you want to condemn me for collecting and displaying such things, be aware that there's worse on this site.  I have a large erotic dehumanizing section called Pin Up Girlie Glamour Jokers (ie erotica and porn) with five subsections: bikini girls (the essentials covered), illustrations, old fashioned (this section), Asian, and harder core. And if you noticed that I am defensive about displaying certain jokers, you’re right. I’m ambivalent. I have conflicting thoughts.

This article shows the old fashioned American pornography which is basically girlie pictures mostly in the 1960s style: there's about 55 of these lovelies...

Here are the sets of 9 jokers which is how I organize and stores the collection.

Astute observers might feel that the girls in the top left and right below are more illustrations than photographs and should be moved. I agree.

 These are a subsection of my Pin Up Girlie Glamour Jokers (ie erotica and porn). This section is split into bikini girls (the essentials covered), illustrations, old fashioned (see above), Asian, and harder core.

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