Thursday, November 24, 2016

About ME - Jesters, much like Jokers

About Me; My name is John (John Edelson). I collect jokers. I live in South Florida. I have about 2400 joker playing cards. I am a general collector of jokers (not specialized by vendor, country, or type). I think my main contribution to the joker community has been a focus on the creation of a taxonomy of jokers.  

More about me: I ride my bike for exercise. I have a job.  I'd like to buy jokers particularly if I can get large numbers of interesting ones. What else is money for? I'd be pleased to swap my duplicates with other collectors. I mostly write in short declarative sentences. I have a great sense of humor.  I vote democratic and I don't buy cheap liquor. I learned both of these principles from my mom.

The picture below is a rare one in that it has me, the joker collector, pictured on the blog! Enjoy this rare glimpse of the mad genius! I was in Prague in 2016 when I met this jester. I was 58.

John Edelson
John (collector) with a Jester, Eastern Europe. Oct 2016

While I collect playing card jokers, I have picked up a few items closely related to jokers.  For the record, I stay away from clowns, scary or otherwise. It's clear to me that jesters and jokers are a completely different breed from clowns.

Jester - Joker Model
Jester - Joker Model

This little plastic figurine is an amazing joker or jester

These inlaid wood boxes are from the south of Spain. The bottom one was bought in the late 1980s. I have new one, not yet pictured, bought in November 2016.
Joker Box - Inlaid Wood - Southern Spaing
Joker Box - Inlaid Wood - Southern Spain
I met a jester who was behaving himself so I took his picture.  He was in Eastern Europe. Specifically, Prague in the Czech Republic.  October 2016.

A Jester in Prague, Czech Republic
A Jester in Prague, Czech Republic

Oops, there I am again. I was dared to get photographed with these two famous characters who have been recently made into fluffy stuffed toys. One is the HangMouse featured on VocabularySpellingCity.  The other is Pinkerton Sciefus, or Pinky or Sciefus for short, who is a featured character in Science4Us.
John Edelson
John with the HangMouse & Sciefus
Clowning Around - What a Joker!
The new HangMouse stuffed animal is to commemorate a number of improvements in the HangMan game including making it more educational by introducing hints related to the use of the word or its definition.  Sciefus is here to mark the increased acceptance that time spent in K-2nd on science more than pays for itself in terms of improved literacy and math skills.

And here I am again. First, in costume as Batman with Catwomn at Dillard Elementary Literacy Night. Same night, I'm also with Harley Quinn and then some kids before I transformed. Miao!