Friday, June 12, 2015

My Favorite Jokers: Classic Playing Card Jokers

These three are among my favorite playing card jokers. They're all classics or minor variations on joker classics.  On the far right, there's the jester bust with him holding his bauble or jester stick.  In the middle, there's the newly colorized Bicycle joker.  And on the left, there's a jester on the globe scattering cards all over. My favorites.
Three Classic playing card jokers
My favorite playing card jokers

The next one is a new one to my collection. He is just a very cool joker dude. His deck back is also veyr minimalist. I believe that he is one of the new collector decks that are being put out regularly by the US Playing Card Company.

 a very cool joker dude.

Also in this post, I thought that I would call out some previous posts such as:

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