Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ebay Auctions for Joker Playing Cards

Anyone else an Ebay Joker Card Purchaser?

I was feeling like spending a little money on myself and so, I clicked over to Ebay to look at joker playing cards and spent I think around $50- $100. I actually bid on about 20 items but 4 of them seem to have been immediately buys or already closed.   Here's the playing cards that are headed my way.

BTW, in the lots of cards, there were at least three jokers that I thought were interesting. One of the fun things about buying jokers online is the photography of them is already done so I have more visual fodder for my collection.

Here's the jokers that I purchased today so far....

a lot of 8 playing card jokers bought on ebay
The new jokers for me are
(counting L to R, Row 1, then 2):
Numbers 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9

a lot of  7 playing card jokers bought on ebay
I have most, maybe all,
of these jokers already but they
 seemed good buy anyway

a lot of 3 liquor-related playing card jokers bought on ebay
Three liquor playing card jokers
They're all new to me!

2 ugly jokers bought on ebay
Ugly jokers, aren't they?
This time on Ebay looking at jokers made me wonder about the other modern media.  So I poked around on Twitter and found:  @PlayingCardBlog @PlayingCards @CardsCollector . There's probably a whole community of joker and playing card aficionados there and maybe a hashtag or two that I should figure out. I did start to look at their followers and there's one company that seems worth calling out, the Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards

I don't have a Twitter handle dedicated to this topic so you can reach me as @VSpellCityMayor which is my day job (it greatly interferes with my passion for collecting). Actually, that's not altogether true in that I also collect vintage educational technology tools which has turned out to be perfect decorating theme for my high tech edtech company.  And I do have some jokers on the wall in my office and we did do a corporate deck of cards with our own characters as jokers.

For those who are wondering, my Ebay name is johnegood.  The fun in joker collecting for me is to do it without spending money. What this means is that I tend to spend about a $1 per new joker.    I do often spend more.  I have a hard upper limit of spending no more than $5 per new joker.  Unless of course I've been drinking in which case I might go wild and spend $10 for a particularly beautiful joker.  For me, the most beautiful jokers are the ones that do a clever variation on a theme.  Favorites might be:

My Favorite Jokers: Classic Playing Card Jokers

Jokers sitting cross legged

Actually, I'm going to have to think hard about my favorites.  Some of my favorite pages from the albums don't seem to show up on the website except in the joker card video...
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  1. Hi, do you swap Jokers? I collect myself but have a lot of double Jokers.
    Let me know :)


  2. Bettina, I'd like to swap but realistically, I'm not sure that I have the time. I pay attention to my joker collection every few months for a half day and I'd probably mess up if I tried to correspond regularly. I also have thousands of extras.


Thanks for your input and for reading and thinking about jokers.