Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pinup Girlie Porn and Erotic Jokers

It is with mixed feelings that I share some of my racier jokers starting with nine Asian ladies. Pardon my pun and of course, if this offends you, move on. There are lots of other joker pages to look at which don't raise hackles or questions.  I sort of agree with you but I'm an equal opportunity joker collector.

So here are my pin-up jokers, the naughty jokers, my girlie jokers, my erotic jokers, the porn jokers, the glamor shot joker playing cards. I have quite a large collection of porn jokers some of which are too obscene to share (I might get rated X by Google!)

(UPDATE  I just counted and I now have 112 jokers in this section - 12/23/2018).

Lets start with nine different pretty Asian lady jokers. The girls are in bikinis, pin up style.  Sort of cute and innocent (as this sort of stuff goes).

Pretty Asian Girls in Bikinis on Jokers
Pretty Asian Girls in Bikinis on Joker Cards

 These girlie jokers come in many different levels of artsiness, explicitness, or porn-ness. And there are some boys too!

The next two jokers are from the same deck. They're real collectors items:  they are classy, subtle, a little hot, and funny.

Le Florentin
Le Florentin

I have two of these. One is the album, the other is framed on the wall in my home office.  Here's some more info on the two jokers above. They are from a French deck: "Le Florentin" by Draeger Freres - Editions Philibert. France 1955. Limited & numbered edition playing cards designed by Paul-Emile Becat. 12,000 decks where printed. Each deck was numbered. Blue and red backs. per Tom van Berkum on the Facebook Joker Collectors Group. Thanks Tom!

And here's the back from the Le Florentin.

And then back to the modern world and a series of girls-gone-wild, bourdoir photography, Bond girls, and some classic pinup shots from a bygone era. Plus a bunch of jokers from Hooters.

Girl in Bikini with a Car. Joker
Girl in Bikini With a Car on a Joker

A Bond Girl Joker - 007!
A Bond Girl Joker - 007!
A Hot Faun Joker
A Hot Faun Joker
This next one feels very 1980s to me.

Ironically, this section is kept in the same album with the Christmas jokers (complete with angels and cherubs!)

If you've made it this far, I'm assuming you are not too offended by pornographic jokers.  So, lets get a little more explicit. Ready for some B&B? (buttocks and boobs?)



And here is a quick overview of the erotic joker section  (updated Feb 2018).

I wonder if Google treats blogs with "explicit" images in some ways that might trigger a series of reactions that might hurt my site. 

I'd be surprised if any of the images that I have left up trigger problems with the rating of the site by the search engines and other arbitrators of websites.  But then, what do I know?

Ironically, this section is kept in the same album with the Christmas jokers (complete with angels and cherubs!)

One famous pin up type girl who is not in this section is Betty Boop. I have two Betty Boop jokers but I'm not sure where they should be classified, take a look at Betty Boop jokers and read about here role as a feminist icon.

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