Saturday, July 14, 2018

Jesters Dancing

My jester section grew so large that I've had to make increasingly fine segments to keep the size of the sections manageable. There was a time when separating out just the jester heads and the seated jokers were enough. Now I have separate sections for jesters that are standing, performing (but not juggling), juggling, and dancing. 

Also, there were just too damn many jesters that were dancing. I had to split it up into sections so this page is obsolete (July 2021) and has been replaced with the following:

Dancing Jokers with Wands who dance in one of three directions:
-    To the Right
-    Straight ahead
-    To the Left
Dancing Jokers with no wands 

- -------------              -----------------             -----------
This page is now obsolete since it has all the dancing jokers, with or without wands, facing whichever way, all together. Also, it doesn't get updated as the collection expands. Still, it's interesting.

-----          -------------           --------------
This is the jester dancing section! There are 103 different dancers. The key to identifying a dancing joker is that their feet are not flatly planted on the ground, that's how I can tell that they are dancing!  In this article, I'll show a sample of the dancers one-by-one and then I'll have a catalog in groups of 9 of all that are categorized as dancers.

HEH, if you want to see some jokers that are NOT dancing: try:
 Standing jokers  
Jokers doing tricks or performing.
Jokers who are juggling.
Jokers who are simply a head or head and torso.

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