Saturday, September 23, 2017

Jesters Sitting

I've put the sitting jesters and jokers into their own section of the joker collection. The key issue to this section is that they are sitting, assis, sentado ... Not standing up!  Many are sitting on the floor. None are on chairs. Some are seated on barrels. Some are sitting on the moon. Some are contorted and are not really sitting. None of them are sitting on chairs or benches or anything like conventional furniture. Also, I'm not strict about them being jesters. Some probably aren't.

This one doesn't have a wand or a jester hat hat but he does have has big ears, a ruffle around his neck, and contrasting colors. Is he a jester? I think it's close enough for this section since he is really sitting.

How many sitting jokers do I have today (9/23/2017).  Today I have 60 jokers sitting. Not standing, not prone, not dancing.  Sixty. Enjoy

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