Sunday, September 17, 2017

Coca Cola Collection of Playing Card Jokers

My Coca Cola Collection of Playing Card Jokers is in the advertising section of my collection.  There is also a Christmas part of the collection which features a collection of Cola Cola Santa Claus cards. Enjoy! 

Sometimes I wonder who is authorized to make a Coca Cola deck. Is it only US corporate? Can the bottlers make promotional Coca Cola decks for collectors?

Coke Cards - The Jokers
Coke Cards - The Jokers


And this is where my Christmas Cards Jokers intersect with my Coca Cola Cards, a twofer collection!

These next set of joker are Christmas themed jokers and mix art work from two artists. Rockwell and Sundboom Christmas Jokers.  Sundboom was sponsored by Coke. I'm not yet sure about the Rockwell - Saturday evening post - Coca Cola relationship.

Santa Claus Coca Cola Joker

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  1. PS. I have a few more than this, I just got tired of taking pictures and transferring them to my computer.


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