Sunday, September 24, 2017

Cartoon Jokers

This section features cartoon jokers.  It's a large section so I might reoganize it soon. There are already 150 jokers in the cartoon section.

The first part of the cartoon section is Batmans. It mixes both live action and cartoon Batmans. The first pair are from a joker deck, I show the back as the third image.

This is the back of the deck of the two Batmans above. Yes, it's a Joker deck.

The next two Batman jokers are a pair, the back is shown as the third image.

The back of the Batman jokers pictured above.

Another Batman followed by the back

The next pair of jokers, I think both of the Joker, are from  Harley Quinn deck, The back is shown afterwards. I think Harley Quinn is a newish (mid 90s?) character who was the Jokers girlfriend at some point.

Now we are returning to the more classic and cartoony Batmans and Jokers.

Wonder Woman, the Green Phantom, Thor, Harry Potter, and Iron Man Jokers!

This next section is a lot lighter. It features six jokers using Peanuts characters, mostly Snoopy and Charlie Brown. Plus the bird, what was the bird's name? Did he have one?

Here's two pages of  Disney characters.  Goofy, Pluto, Mickey, and Donald jokers on the next page.

This next section is the Star Wars Section. There is now an entire subsection of Star War Jokers.

These jokers have Bugs Bunny which is from Warner Brothers.  Plus the cat. There's several from Pixar with the Sea Witch and Lobster from Arial, the Little Mermaid.  There's a joker from the Pixar Lion King.

And lets end with a few Alice in Wonderland cards.

A video of cartoon jokers

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