Saturday, September 23, 2017

Jesters Sitting

Oct 2019 - There is an updated section to read about and see the sitting jesters or jokers.

I've put the sitting jesters and jokers into their own section of the joker collection. The key issue to this section is that they are sitting, assis, sentado, ciudad, ittingsay ... Not standing up!  Many are sitting on the floor.  Some are seated on barrels. Some are sitting on the moon. Some are contorted and are not really sitting. None of them are sitting on chairs or benches or  conventional furniture. Also, I'm not strict about them being jesters. Some probably aren't.

The first seated joker is published by John Waddington Ltd from the UK. 

This next one doesn't have a wand or a jester hat hat but he does have has big ears, a ruffle around his neck, and contrasting colors. Is he a jester? I think it's close enough for this section since he is really sitting. He might be in the process of putting on his shoes.

Two notes to my readers.
If you have a reaction or observation to one of these jokers, or if you know something about their origin or design, please share it in the comments below. Although my numbers of jokers are high, I feel my knowledge about them is very low. Please help.
Two, if you have some jokers that I do not, feel free to send them to me. Or to send me a picture of them and we can maybe find a commercial relationship. I do buy jokers. I can be reached as john then the @ sign, then edelson. Dot Info.  thanks

I think of the next one as "The Jolly Sideways Sitter". The original of this design (and I quote Tom van Berkum):
"Adet Seward Cognac" - early advertising deck by Brepols, Turnhout, Belgium ca. 1920-1925. 52 cards + 1 joker + box. 88 x 64 mm. GvB0189
BTW, I'm not sure if mine is an original or a later deck using the same design.
The Jolly Sideways Sitter
The Jolly Sideways Sitter

The back of the The Jolly Sideways Sitter:
The Back of the The Jolly Sideways Sitter
The Back of the The Jolly Sideways Sitter

The following set of jokers is referred to by joker collectors, at least by Joop Miller, as Owl Man jokers. He says that they are mostly from China and there are countless variations of them.  The online World Wide Playing Card Museum has a page with well over on hundred variations of this Owl Man Joker.

How many sitting jokers do I have today (9/23/2017).  Today I have 60 jokers sitting. Not standing, not prone, not dancing.  Sixty. Enjoy

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