Sunday, September 24, 2017

Animals: Cat Jokers

Here are the  feline  jokers, the cats, large and small! They tend to be cute as a button but not that traditional as jokers go.  

In the Animal Jokers category, there are...
Cats and Dogs  
Flyers: Bees, Birds, Owls
 Animal Jokers: Other: Monkeys! Bears, Bulls, antlers etc Swimmers reptiles shellfixh etc, and animals with antlers, tusks, or horns.

cat jokers
Cat Jokers

This joker is from a deck called Wild! by Peter Woods published by out of the UK (I think).  It is part of a transformation deck so I think the suits are all embedded in the design. For instance, I see a space on the top of the lion's nose.  I think there are three more jokers from that deck and somehow, they seem to have gotten separated in the re-organizing of my deck.  This violates one of my principles that all pairs or trios of jokers should be kept together.  I'll get on it. In the meantime, this lion is in the cat and dogs section.


This next section are the Big Cats: lions, tigers, and leopards.

Here’s more cat and dog jokers but, since they feature cartoon characters, they are in the cartoon section.

What jokers to look at next? If you love animals, the Animal Jokers category  are...
Cats and Dogs  
Flyers: Bees, Birds, Owls
 Animal Jokers: Other: Monkeys! Bears, Bulls, antlers etc Swimmers reptiles shellfixh etc and animals with antlers, horns, or tusks.
animals with antlers, horns, or tusks.

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