Saturday, November 19, 2022

Big Cat Jokers

 There are pussy cats and big cats. The Big Cats now have their own section!  Hear them roar!

Tiger Joker Roaring

 Here's one stalking his prey...

Here's a lion, dressed for business?  What a joker!

And here are the ensemble shots of the big cat playing card jokers.  For clarity, this Big Cat section is a subsection of the feline section which is a subsection of the animal jokers. At the bottom of this article is a complete breakdown of the animal sections.

I’ll start with three recently added (May 2024).

What to see next? In the Animal Jokers category, there are...
Cats (the original article which combines big and small cats) and Dogs  
Flyers (Bees, Birds, Owls), Butterfly jokersDragons
Horses . There's also fantasy horses (centaurs, flying horses, and unicorns)
 Animal Jokers: Other: Monkeys!  including Bears, Bulls, antlers;  Swimmers reptiles shellfish and other squirmies, and animals with antlers, tusks, or horns.

And animal ensembles (ie cats and dogs on the same joker or as the same pair)!  Not listed here because they are not really animals: Mermaid jokers!

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