Saturday, September 23, 2017

Jesters Performing

These jesters are performing. Some are doing card tricks, others are just theatrical.  There are about 80 of these performers. They are not standing, juggling, or dancing because those are other categories.

Some might ask how I can distinguish between jesters that are standing (usually flat footed) and jokers that are performing. Or how I can tell the difference between regular jester performers and the jesters that are juggling and the jesters that are juggling.  I can make these distinctions because...well because I'm a joker collector.

The category for this joker is a dilemma. It could be in the animals section or the jesters performing. Since the guy is so much bigger than the monkey, I put it here.

This next joker was developed in England by the Alf Cooke Playing Card Company between 1925 and 1940. My source is the World of Playing Cards.

And here are nine pages of nine performing jokers:

Astute observers will note that I use to group the dancers with the other performers but as the category grew to near 200, I needed a way to break it up. Hence the somewhat subtle distinctions between jugglers, standers, performers, and dancers.  I'll admit that I still have some pictures that are in the wrong posts and I'm struggling to implement these changes. But I've done a little better with the actual jokers in their catalogs.  

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