Friday, October 9, 2020

Pin Up Illustrations

This section of the girlie section features illustrations and drawings, not really photography. Here's my favorite which is really elaborate. It is from a famous French deck: "Le Florentin" by Draeger Freres - Editions Philibert. France 1955. There were a limited and numbered set of edition playing cards designed by Paul-Emile Becat. 12,000 decks where printed. Could this be an original or a copy?

And a nice Vargas...

Here is a set of illustrations by the renowned Alberto Vargas.

Here's an overview of my Pin Up Girlie Glamour Jokers (ie erotica and porn). It's now split into bikini girls (the essentials covered), illustrations (this one), old fashioned, Asian, and harder core.

Or, to change topics, here are jesters standing, juggling, performing with cards, or clowns.

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