Friday, August 21, 2020

Performing Jesters with Cards

 These showman use a number of props but the organizing principle here is tthey are using cards.  They seem to mostly be from Europe, Belgium and Dutch.

These card shows are being assisted, perhaps performed, by the monkeys.

Here are 51 jokers in ensembles.

Here are some related jokers that you really must see:

  1. Dancing with or without jesters wands 
  2. Performing with cards or without cards (old post on performers)
  3. Juggling things 
    Juggling Jesters
  4. Juggling cards  
    1. Scatterman variations
  5. Sitting - Forward vs Sideways
  6. Standing Jesters 
  7. Head Shots or BustsOn a stickheadshands no wandhand with a wand  
  8. Fighters! ie Jokers with swords, etc
  9. Clown Jokers 

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