Thursday, November 5, 2020

Performing Jesters and Jokers (but with no cards)

These jokers show performers of many sorts but NOT with playing cards. If they have cards, they are banished to the article about performing with playing cards


This next set of jokers are acrobatic, mostly head-down. Or should I call them inverted? One handed hand-stand? There are three. Also three two handed hand-stands. One hanging upside down from a trapeze, one guy doing a split, and another guy doing a body lift in pike position (is that even possible? Is it a thing?).

Here are some related jokers that you really must see:

  1. Dancing with or without jesters wands 
  2. Performing with cards or without cards (old post on performers)
  3. Juggling things 
    Juggling Jesters
  4. Juggling cards  
    1. Scatterman variations
  5. Sitting - Forward vs Sideways
  6. Standing Jesters 
  7. Head Shots or BustsOn a stickheadshands no wandhand with a wand  
  8. Fighters! ie Jokers with swords, etc
  9. Clown Jokers 
Other related groups of jokers:

Unicycle and Skater Jokers
Performing Jokers and Jesters with cards

Monkey Jokers
Juggling Jokers
Dancing Jokers

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