Friday, November 27, 2020

Standing Jesters with Wands

 There are so many jester-type jokers that I'm made increasingly fine distinctions to keep them organized into small enough groups. This article is about Jesters STANDING (not walking, dancing, or performing) that are holding jesters wands.  Here's what I think of as the most classic joker and the epitome of this type of joker. He is a USPC jokers who appears in brands such as Hamilton, Gladstone, and store brands. Introduced in the 1930s, I’ve heard he stopped being used in the 1980s.


There about six full pages and one partial in this category.


Want to see more jester jokers?
  1. Dancing with or without jesters wands 
  2.  Performers with cards or without cards 
  3. Juggling things 
  4. Juggling cards  
    1. Scatterman variations
  5. Sitting - Forward vs Sideways
  6. JestersSTANDING jesters with WandsWalking Jesters with WandsNO WAND (standing still or walking)  
  7. Head Shots or BustsOn a stickheadshands no wandhand with a wand  
  8. Fighters! ie Jokers with swords, etc
  9. Clown Jokers  
  10. Jokers, not jesters, standing (or walking) 

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