Friday, November 27, 2020

Walking Jesters with Wands

 This subsection focuses on Walking Jesters with Wands. There are 3 full pages and a partial page. It's closely related to but distinct from:

  1. Dancing with or without jesters wands 
  2.  Performers with cards or without cards 
  3. Juggling things 
  4. Juggling cards  
    1. Scatterman joker variations Cartamundi joker)
  5. Sitting - Forward vs Sideways
  6. JestersSTANDING jesters with WandsWalking Jesters with WandsNO WAND (standing still or walking
  7. Head Shots or BustsOn a stickheadshands no wandhand with a wand  
  8. Fighters! ie Jokers with swords, etc
  9. Clown Jokers  
  10. Jokers, not jesters, standing (or walking) 

Here's a typical walking jester with a wand. I think I bought him in Russia, long ago.

Here's a new one that I just acquired (April 2021).  Canadian: Consolidated Lithography and Manufacturing Co. They later became the Canadian Playing Card Co. This one might be 1920-ish.

  And here are the ensemble shots...

walking jester joker

These last four are from Italy (Per Tom van Berkum)  it's published by Cambissa & Co. since 1956.
Here are some choices to see more.

  • Dancing with or without jesters wands 
  •  Performers with cards or without cards 
  • Juggling things 
  • Juggling cards 
  • Scatterman joker variations (Cartamundi joker)
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