Thursday, April 22, 2021

Wind Instruments sans flutes

The musical jokers are a happy section and the wind section with the bagpipes and horns is perhaps teh jolliest of all. Without further ado, here's the wind section (note that the flute-playing jokers now have their own subsection).


A recent addition to this section is the Music Hath It's Charms joker from a Congress deck dated 1899.  It was acquired by me as part of my Aug 2023 purchase of Congress decks and some related trading.

 So here's the collection as it appears in the album. The baby faun has long been one of my favorites. The Triumph jokers are a new favorite for reasons that I'll explain at the bottom of this article.

There are five bagpipers on the page below.  Arguable six depending on how the middle row middle on is interpreted. Any chance that I can complete a full page of 9 bagpipers?

The top row below are from Hallmark. I don't know anything about the origin or publishers of the other jokers on these pages.

There are more wind instruments that are two-headed so they are in the topsy musical section.
There are also jokers with real musicians which are in the real people section. And Elvis, the King, of course has his own section.
  1. Stringed Instruments 
  2. Wind Instruments: this page! (the flute players recently split into their own section)
  3. Percussion including piano.
  4. Musical Ensembles (to keep joker sets together)
Oh, and why do I like those Triumphs? Well, when I was little, we lived in London. My Dad bought a Triumph Vitesse 1968 and brought it back to the US. Here’s the day he brought it home.

Here’s me driving that car when I was in high school in the early 1970s.
John Edelson: mid 1970s
This past month, I bought almost the same car.
John Edelson

Click for more information on John Edelson and his Triumph Vitesse.

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