Sunday, August 27, 2017

Musical Jokers

One of my joker categories in my taxonomy are my musical jokers.  There are 60 musical joker playing cards.  Here are a few of my favorites and then they are all shown below by their page in the album which is organized with a flute and wind sections, stringed instruments, and miscellaneous. (updated 1/2018)

The musical section is organized by type of instrument. We start in the wind section. More specifically, with the flutes, fifes, and piccolos.  There are two full pages of wind instruments and then a few on the miscellaneous pages.

Flute Music Jokers
Flute Music Jokers 1

This next page of nine is built around the  group of six entertainers at the top.  One is playing the clarinet, the bells, the drums, two stringed strummed instruments, and one seems to be cheating at cards (but he is part of this same group so he is here). Then three more jokers playing guitar-like instruments.

This next page, only four deep, is about the drums.

This page starts with a threesome of jokers playing a horn, a drum, and I'm not sure what the first one is doing.  Even the original is hard to decipher.

Jokers playing stringed instruments!  There are about 27 jokers playing stringed instruments, one of whom is also riding a donkey! Well, one is actually beating a drum and perhaps should be moved to the percussion section above. One is playing the saw and one seems to be playing a shovel but maybe it's just rectangular style of guitar.

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