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Standard Playing Card Manufacturing Company

Standard Play Card Manufacturing Company was founded in 1890 and bought or merged as part of the creation of USPC in 1894. But USPC ran Standard independently until it was merged into Consolidated Dougherty in 1930.  During the independent years, the coding system of small letters on the aces and jokers of USPC was used but the intertwined US in the corner was not added. I think. 

This joker have been the second joker that Standard published, SU2 c1895. It has the dotted background and no product codes on it.

It is also the featured mystery on the article about American Folk Tales and Mythology on jokers in late 1800s.

I have three of this design: one with no fine print (above), one T 574, and one P220Z.

What of the saying: "IV'E GOT HIM (sic)"?

 I have two that might be from SU11 Jap #20, c1910.  

Two of my backs are geometric red, one is a red with a lady with a hat, lots of flowers, leaning on a rail fence.  The Standard Backs!

The Liberty Bell first appeared on a Standard Joker in 1874 as shown in Hochman on P137, #1776.

 Standard Jokers - This collection's inventory with Hochman page numbers: (still need to picture and distinguish "Baggy Clown" and Sovereign Design.

- Baggie Clown P139 
-  Liberty Bell P137  
- Clown & Goose P139
- Clown & Pips P139
- Baggie Clown P139
- Standard I've got him.  P137 & 140
- Sovereign P140 

WOPC. has a page with a section on Standard Playing Cards.
Hochman's Encyclopedia is the major source, pages 137-144

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- Coming soon:  Midland, Arrco, Arrow

Also, there's the article about American Folk Tales and Mythology on jokers in late 1800s.

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