Monday, March 13, 2023

Bee Jokers

 This article, refreshed Jan 24, 2024, has jokers with bees on them. It is a subsection of "The Birds and the Bees" which is part of the overall flyers section of jokers.  Other sections are the birds, the butterflies, and dragons The flying horses do arguably belong here but they were given a choice and they opted to bunk in the fantasy horse section with the centaurs, unicorns, and flying horses (Pegassus!). 

Let's start with the most classic bee joker in the Centennial Edition version from 1992. Here it is, a historic and famous joker which features Bee Boy.

Here, looking back in history, are three versions of the Bee Boy joker by three different publishers. The oldest one is on the far left. He is a NYCC60 Bee #92 c1895.  This card would probably have been printed sometime between its introduction in 1895 and before the acquisition of NYCC by USPC in 1930.  The joker on the far right would be after USPC merged NYCC and Dougherty into a single USPC division called Consolidated-Dougherty.  At some point, and I'd appreciate someone telling me when, they were fully merged in to USPC and the name listed became USPCC like the middle joker below.  

This deck is copyright 2018, Penguin Magic. Designed by Randy Butterfield and manufactured by USPCC, now listed as in Erlanger KY.

This joker is from a modern USPC deck with the back and the name of the deck on the box displayed a little below. The deck is Karnival Hornets. It's made and published by USPC

Here's two more bee-like jokers:

Both these decks are manufactured by USPC.  Here's more information about them.

And here's some copyright information on the two decks mentioned above.

Here is the complete collection of jokers in the bee section.  There's 38.

Plus these two that are on a page of their own. 

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