Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Travel Jokers

The travel section has broken into several joker subsections, bon voyage!
  1. Vehicles, also Bicycle Jokers (including unicycles)
  2. American Travel
    1. Great Americana Symbols and Sites or Congress Jokers
    2.  American people
    3. American scenery and National Parks.
  3. Non US Places
  4. Maps
  5. International people types
  6. Chinese

I have around 56 jokers in the travel section of the joker collection (as of 10/2107).  The first nine deal with vintage modes of transportation, starting with a steam ship joker

Ship Joker
Ship Joker

While not exactly a common mode of transport, this rocket man is going someplace.
RocketMan Joker
Rocket Man Joker
The next is another classic sailing ship. As soon as I have some time, I'll figure out the difference between one, two, and tree mast ships and how they are rigged so I can use a more precise term than a sailing ship. Perhaps something like a clipper or schooner. Below this joker,  I've provided an image of the back of the joker.

Sailing Ship Joker
Sailing Ship Joker

I don't usually show the back of jokers but I thought this one was eye catching. It's the back of the sailing ship joker just above.  The guy is dark skinned and in Turkish exotic clothes. She seems to be dressed as sort of post war 20s flapper in a long gown with a big peacock feather.

New York Consolidate Card Co Joker
New York Consolidate Card Company Joker
Now some train jokers...
Train Jokers
Train Jokers

This looks like a military ship.

Airplane Jokers
Airplane Joker

The next 9 jokers are pictured as a group. They feature globes or balloons or are otherwise spherical.   The organization of jokers by category and subcategory is important to me. But most important of all is the creation of aesthetically harmonious pages which also fit into these categories.  This one, for instance, is built around the ballooning travel theme and includes a number of thematically related spherical objects such as a globe personified as an airplane.  Who makes this stuff up?  There's also the earth seen from the sky and an abstract pattern.
Balloon and Globe Jokers
Balloon and Globe Jokers

 Here's a set of 9 travel jokers either with maps or scenery.
Map Jokers
Map Jokers
  The article above was written in 2017. Here's what my travel subsections look like in May 2020: it's now organized in five subsections! Bon voyage!


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