Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Travel Jokers: Vehicles: Sea

This jokers feature beautiful ships. It is part of the Travel Jokers section: Vehicles subsection:   Sea and Maritim subsubsectione.  This is maritime part of these travel and vehicle groups:

  1. Vehicles: SeaFlying (translations too), Trains, Cars & Motorcycles 
  2. Bicycle Jokers, Skater JokersUnicycle Jokers   

This first joker features the sea god himself: Poseidon crossing the sea astride a whale. It is from the NY Consolidated Card Co. In my article about the US Card Co,  you could read that this joker descends from the NY51 Triton #42 c1890. Hochman P59. But mine has the "Reg U.S. Pat Off" mention which doesn't appear in Hochman picture
NY Consolidated Poseidon Whale Joker
NY Consolidated Card Co
Poseidon Whale Joker

Here is a pair of jokers pictured together. A maritime scene, perhaps Boston, New York or Baltimore Harbor? Or London? Is a pair of jokers that makes a picture known as dyptich?



Here is the front and back of a joker that I’ve decided belongs in the ship subsection of the vehicle section. I think Kieldrecht is a long local in Belgium on the port. Binnenhuisinrichting has me mystified.

Here’s the ensembles all organized starting with some ships.

(These are now in the new flying section but the balloon ones are so cool that I couldn't delete them from here where they use to belong when this was the all type of vehicles section)

This next page too is now  Travel Vehicles,  Flying (translations too)section. But Witches and Rockets!!!

There is a communications section which use to be part of the shipping section.  That's because some of the communications was the old nautical systems.  


See the communications subsection with the old flag communication systems? There's also some more translation (two from a Braniff Airlines deck, one from Northwest Orient - some are available for trade in my trading section).

I just added these three jokers to travel / communications subsection .

Translation Jokers

Here are the duplicates for trading both from the vehicles Air and Sea Section but also from trains.

 The travel section is now split into:
    1. Vehicles: SeaFlying (translations too), Trains, Cars & Motorcycles 
    2. Bicycle Jokers, Skater JokersUnicycle Jokers 

The American section has American places and Americana,  Congress Jokers 


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