Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Sitting Jokers Facing Forward

Sitting Jokers Facing Forward. Some of these jokers are sitting on barrels, others on balls, and others are sitting on thrones or chairs or stools. It’s not clear what the Nintendo jokers are sitting on.  One joker is sitting on a globe, another is crouching, ones on a wall, and one is on a swing.

There are more than 62 different jokers. This page was assembled in late April and it features in the center spot, the Bengal joker from the Kalamazoo Paper Co c. 1895. It’s 3I from the poster. I keep the original with the entire deck (that I bought from Jason of Paper Empirrs fame) and put a photocopy in the album.

Here’s about a dozen advertising jokers developed by Nintendo based on this guy sort of sitting or swinging or flying. There’s another two dozen Nintendo advertising jokers in the mermaid joker section.

The Other Sitting Jokers:
    1. Sitting sidewaysCrescent moonsBird/Owl ManSideways
    2. Sitting forwardSitting Facing Forward or Cross Legged

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  1. Bought a full deck at a yard sale. Very good condition in a mini style type nook with snap closure. Any idea what is worth?


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