Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Cigarette Ads on Joker Playing Cards

When I start thinking about smoke-filled rooms with people drinking and smoking, I imagine that  cigarette and cards seem like a natural historical fit. So would cards and beer. But in fact, I probably have more Alice In Wonderland or Peanuts jokers that I have of cards advertising tobacco products. And I have way more Star Wars jokers than any of them.  I could speculate why. 

However, here are my 27 jokers advertising cigarettes.  First, five old nice ones. I think I have a deck for each of them.

 I made some pretty fine distinctions in listing the three versions of the St Michel joker.  There's a version of that where, instead of listing 2 billion sold, they cite only 1500 million. The only guy with a copy of that which I've heard of is Ronald Kruijmel. And here's their backs. 

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