Friday, May 8, 2020

American Playing Cards Manufacturing Association 1930s-40s

Jokers promoting cards.  These jokers seem to tell mini-stories each of which is a promotion for playing cards.  I've heard (from Tom van Berkum and others on the FB Joker Collectors Group on 2/29/2020) that these were the standard jokers of the Association of the American Playing Card Manufacturers, 1939-40s. They were printed by "Brown & Bigelow", "USPCC", "Western Publishing Co.", and maybe other printers.

First, a History Lesson.

Joker: History Lesson ~1939 USPCC
Joker: History Lesson ~1939 USPCC

Second: Hear Ye!!
Joker: Hear Ye!! ~1939 USPCC
Joker: Hear Ye!! ~1939 USPCC

There seem to be a total of six stories. The other four are "At Home", "Between You and Me", Distress Call, and "Society Note."

I hear that there are six different cards and I hear that there are six slightly different variations of each of these cards.  I have all six of “Hear Ye”;   five of the "At Home", “Between You and Me”, and “ Society Note”; and four of “Distress Call” and “History Lesson”. 

But I do have many dupes of each of these so now that I know to look for six variations of each, I should take them all out and see if I can find them.

Click for an Overview of the Taxonomy of Playing Card Jokers

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