Sunday, May 24, 2020

Travel Vehicles like cars, planes, balloons

This travel subsection portrays the modes of transport.  This first page has two rows of vintage cars and a bottom row of vintage railroads!

If you want veer off to see other travel jokers, bon voyage but drive carefully...
Two pages of train collector stuff that I don't really understand.

This next page of ship jokers is a favorite page of mine.

This next page too is a favorite. I like mixing the witches flying on their brooms with rocket man. I also like the covered wagons and I keep them here rather than the Americana section since they have more of a gypsy look to them.  There's also two ships on this page and then two more on the following page. Guess I should try to build another full page of ships.

The unifying theme of this next page is international communications. Sign flags, translations, and the universal sign for being helpless: just sitting on the suitcase with your head down.

Heh, if I count the floating shoe, I have two more ships. I can definitely do another ship-themed page but it would require breaking up the page above on communications.  So many tradeoffs!

Brrm brmmm brmmm! Lets hit the road and go hog wild!

Of course, we all love the ballooning section. So quiet, so free, and so retro.

That completes the vehicular (and more) subsection of the travel section of the collection.
Here's the travel subsections of the joker collection:  

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